Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Note from the Director: My Strange Logic for Traveling with an e-Reader

While packing for a business trip this week, I charged up my Nook and looked at the two physical books sitting on my nightstand and asked myself the eternal question.

To take a physical book or not to take a physical book?

My business trip leads right into a Girls Only Getaway Weekend in Chicago and I do find it easier to read a physical book in a car than my Nook.

But, my backpack, which is loaded with my work-issued laptop and other business-related paraphernalia, would be lighter if I didn't pack a physical book. But, what if my flights don't allow me to read my Nook during takeoff and landing? What will I do after I'm done scouring the SkyMall magazine and the in flight magazine?

But, what if the battery dies on my Nook? It is a first generation Nook Color and doesn't hold a charge well any more. I suppose I could read on my iPhone. But it is a year and half old and doesn't hold a charge well any more either. So what if that battery dies and I need to make call or send a text? And reading on my iPhone isn't my preferred reading method anyway.

With all those arguements laid out in front of me, I slipped my fully charged Nook Color into my backpack along with my copy of S. by Doug Dorst and J.J. Abrams. My copy of Through Time: An Unauthorised and Unofficial History of Doctor Who by Andrew Cartmel goes in my bag for my Girls Weekend. Because I'm almost certain I'll never encounter another outlet between Tuesday morning and Sunday afternoon. Nor will I see any bookstores whatsoever. And God forbid, I not have access to a book at all times.