Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge Day 8: Your Favorite Book Blogger Moments

Your Favorite Book Blogger Moments

There are three things that have happened in the last month since I started my blog that stick out in my mind.

  1. Getting a shoutout from the author of the the first book I reviewed.
  2. Getting a Twitter mention from John Scalzi.
  3. Participating in this challenge, getting the chance to read so many different blogs and meet new people!
Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge


  1. I LOVE getting author feedback too. Twitter or on the blog. Great list!

  2. I love challenge's also. And PARAJUNKEE is amazing at them.

  3. Awesome list, you've had some great moments in your short time blogging. :)

  4. It's great getting mentioned by authors that you love.

    ~April @ Once Upon a Coffin

  5. These are some lovely moments. I definitely love it when an author gives me a shoutout on twitter or retweets me! :)

    - Farhana @ Digesting The Words

  6. I love getting mentioned by authors, and did a big happy dance when an author actually left a comment on my review! So exciting! And how cool to get a Twitter shout out from Scalzi!

  7. Getting retweeted or mentioned on twitter by an author you love is always a great feeling. Surprises me every time.