Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge Day 4: The Books of 2014 I Don't Want to Miss

The Books of 2014 I Don't Want to Miss

Okay, I would be lying if I said I didn't have a wish list of books I really want to read that have a publication date in 2014. In fact, I made a list recently and just remembered I needed to add another book to it. So drumroll, please!

Will I get to all of these books? Probably not. Will I try? You can certainly bet on that. But as I said recommended yesterday, I plan to follow my heart. When I finish a book, I'll ask myself, what sounds good? What's calling my name? And guess, what? I'll read that and enjoy!

Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge


  1. Those all look great. I really need to read Scarlet before I pick up Cress.

    2014 Books I Won't Miss

  2. Yeah Cress and Hollow City cannot wait!
    Check out my list

  3. I am so excited for The Book of Life. It has been so long in the making.
    Here is my list:

  4. Yay, Hallow City. Im so excited for that one!

  5. So excited for Hollow City even though I haven't read the first book yet,And I can't wait for Cress to finally come out!Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Elena @ Book Lady's Reviews